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APE CASPer SIM for the Mind - Full Length 2

Welcome to CASPer SIM™ for the Mind - Full Length 2

In order for you to successfully complete this online CASPer SIM™ test, you will need a computer with:
  • An updated Chrome or Firefox 7+ browser 
  • Stable broadband internet connection (10 Mb/s+)
  • Working Keyboard
Prior to starting this CASPer SIM test, please ensure that all other browser windows are closed and all applications including those running in the background on your computer are terminated.  Do not complete this test on a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet. We strongly recommend completing our sample test prior to starting this CASPer SIM practice test to ensure there are no compatibility issues.  We recommend completing this test on a wired internet connection to minimize any signal disruptions that may occur from wireless internet connections.

Time Required to complete this CASPer SIM™ Test:  ~ 90 Minutes

Please note:

-Your answers will be e-mailed to you afterwards if you provide a valid e-mail address. (Please no addresses)

-Your Access Code is valid for an unlimited number of attempts at this CASPer SIM for the Mind Practice Test.  Do not enter your Access Code until you are ready and able to complete the entire test in one sitting.  You will not be able to pause and resume the test at a later date.  


Please enter your ACCESS CODE below and click "next" to continue.  Your ACCESS CODE is different from the redemption code provided in your book.